Back to work


Well Spring Break is officially over and its back back back to work. So far, work has consisted of working on the mockup and calculating the structural weight of our vertical garden wall. The mockup is coming along with part of the cable system now in place and the walkway starting to come together. We have even started putting some puts in the cables to see how it looks.

Max and company working on the cabling system for the wall
Adam working hard on the frame for one of the walkway platforms
Some planters inserted into the wall's cabling system. The mockup is starting to come together and it just might work!! Not that I had any doubts 🙂










As for the structural weight, let me say, it definitely turned out to be much heavier than I thought it would be! The soilless mix we are using in our pots really does hold an enormous amount of water! It was actually pretty amazing to see it soak it all up. The weight for each bay can be seen in the diagrams below.

Weighing the pots with the soilless mixture while fully saturated. Who would have thought that the 3 gallon planter would weigh 15 pounds!!

Diagrams showing where the 1 and 3 gallon planters go in the wall and which parts of the wall will have the most structural weight. The heaviest section at full capacity is approximately 300 lbs!!

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