The “Tension” is Building

After completing the cable system on the vertical wall, and having it checked by a structural engineer, we have now decided to simplify the cable system because with the last system, we were not able to get the cables tight enough.  Simplifying the system will not only reduce the amount of waste we will have, but it will also keep us from having to make a lot of cuts, which will reduce the amount of weak points we will have in the system.

Its going to be a balancing act.  We have to get the cables tight enough to support the pots, but also loose enough to form around the pots.  This past class we took out all the old cable and went and purchased the cable we are going to be using (3/32 and 1/8 inch).  Using this new system will also reduce the amount of hardware we will need to have, which if you have ever had to buy hardware, you know how expensive it is.  Aside from helping with the cable system, I have also been in charge of the budget which seems to rise and fall with each class.  But as of right now, we are in good shape to complete the wall with the money we have, its just a matter of time and effort.

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