A Quick Synopsis

The following slide show consists of a site plan, wall plan,  wall elevation and perspective of our Vertical Vegetable Wall located in the Elliotborough Community Garden. The garden is located right off of Crosstown giving it  and our future vegetable wall a great deal of exposure to the public. The Elliotborough garden consists an amphitheatre, a playground, and vegetable gardening plots in the back for the community and local school groups. Our wall will consist of storage, compost, and vegetable garden space. The wall creates are barrier between the garden and Crosstown as well as providing the garden with a form of signage. The cabling system of the wall gives the freedom of the community members to decide how many planters they would like to use and thus controlling how much privacy they would to have from Septima Clark Highway. The elevation is shown at full capacity thus providing an almost completely opaque wall giving more privacy for the garden.

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