Spring Break – Box Design

This past week was spring break for the students and faculty at the CAC.C, a welcomed breather to catch up on projects in other classes and for myself, life tasks, like filling out my tax return and working on spring internship applications.  A major project that I began over break was constructing my wood box design for Introduction to Craft (ITC).  ITC is a course based in the wood shop that completes the box project every semester as well as an improvement project, usually for the school.  Past projects include light box tables in the library, a media unit, and a bathroom redesign for the main floor of the CAC.C.  One of the reasons why I chose to come to Clemson and the Charleston campus was because of the program here and the opportunity to design and build projects that actually become a reality.  I know that to learn the most out of life you need to experience as much as possible and being here in Charleston is definitely giving me the opportunity to learn through building and professional experiences in working with a client.  The box design for ITC has been a great project to give me more confidence in my construction skills and with the tools in the shop, which I think will help when we begin building the vertical wall garden later this week.  One thing I have learned from studying architecture is that any lesson can be applied to everything you do in life.  The process of organization, problem-solving, creative thinking, innovation, trial and error, and never considering something as perfect or complete but always changing are aspects that can be applied to most professions and challenges in life.  I cannot imagine my life without the creativity that architecture has given me and I am very grateful to be here.

Below are some progress photographs of my ITC box project.  The exterior is made of walnut and is designed to be a jewelry box that I am making custom trays and storage areas to fit my favorite pieces.  The lid of the box also doubles as a tray that I can toss items into when in a rush and will have a dark wenge wood reveal.  When complete, I will be sure to post photos of the final product next Tuesday after our class review!

Cutting the finger joints

Dry fit practice before glue is applied

Glue and clamping the box together

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