The Infamous Pepper

This week has been challenging in many aspects but the one that got to me was the green bell pepper.  Building models have never been a part of my arsenal, but to make one that represents void space, structure and skin I found to be very difficult.  In the beginning of this project I brought in a simple model made of mat board and hot glue and ended up with a model that required me to be proficient with the lazer cutter, break out the soldering iron to make a wire frame and turn to a old friend in paper mache.  While creating this model I kept finding it hard to relate any of it to the landscape but as I began to get father into the project I realized that there were many elements that I could use for our semester long project of building a community vertical garden.  I modeled the void space, structure and skin of the pepper… I know right… and I found that void space can be just as important as the structure.  It was also interesting to see that each of my classmates brought away something different from this project of modeling a fruit or vegetable.

Well now that I have the smell of bell pepper out of my room, I cant wait to take what I have learned and apply it to a real life project.  All the projects that I have been a part of have never made it past the paper or computer screen, itll be nice to get out of the classroom and interact with the design more in building our community vertical garden.

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