The Verdict

Last week we presented our project to the Charleston Design Review Board. Our presentation went really well. We were all very well prepared, had more than sufficient material and got pretty good feedback from everyone on the board. We have continued working while waiting for their approval. Today, Prof. Hambright met with some of the board members and we found out that we have approval!…for half of the wall. The exact reasons are still a little fuzzy but we do know that we will be able to begin construction on the left portion of the wall as soon as we want. This includes the compost, storage area, a small portion of vertical growing space and several horizontal planting beds that are part of the dip in the complete wall. I think there are some mixed feelings about our approval but I do know that we are more than ready to get outside, enjoy this wonderful weather we’ve been having lately and start building! A few minor things will still change and we have some construction documents that still need to be finished up but hopefully by the end of this week we can start cutting members and preparing the site for construction and installation.

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