Navigating the Terrain

It became clear in our last meeting with Claire and Jim that there are a few locations that are in need of the most attention and would benefit the site immensely.  As we move forward with the project, addressing the specific conditions of these various locations will be essential to our success.  A few of the locations include:

The Compost Corner

Lacking in sunlight, but in great need of storage, collection, and improved compost.
Some of the existing bins that might appreciate a little love.
One of the interesting openings in the compost corner

The Fence, Trees, and Planting Beds

The area by the fence clearly receives the most sunlight.

There are some interesting projects that undulate in the way many of the students in Studio V have been designing. I think taking rigid wood forms and meandering them through the site in a curved fashion could yield some of the best results for a vertical garden.   I think there is a collective push to achieve this.

Here are some thoughts:

  • We are under strict instructions NOT to create Dunescapes.  I think we can make something for more elegant and functional.
  • This is a Bird Blind I worked on as an undergraduate.  The angles were achieved with steel plate/bolt connections.
  • The site Space Invading always seems to have interesting projects, art, and ideas. I think this piece is very interesting.
  • When designing maybe we can begin to blend the ideas of architecture and nature.   I like la tonnelle (1996).   Hopefully you can read French.

Hopefully some of these ideas will help.

Wish Us Luck

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