Model Building and Site Location….

Tonight I sit on the floor of my room surrounded by an array of odds and ends materials of which are currently coming together to convey the architectural elements of an artichoke.  Who would of thought a shower curtain, plastic page protectors, a plastic expandable filing system, styrofoam, wire, paper, and felt could join together to make an artichoke?!   Well, hopefully anyway.  After listing out these materials they don’t really sound very professional….  as long as no one can tell when looking at the final model!!  Each piece is carefully cut out and attached to the model as my audience watches my every move carefully.  An audience of two mutts looking at me with big sad puppy eyes, wondering why they may not play fetch with object I hold in my hands.

Earlier today, before breaking out all of the modeling materials, my time was devoted studying our current urban garden site locations.  There are some very promising site locations and each one has its own positive qualities that would enrich our future design.  Finding a site to work with is new to me, never before in a studio class have I had to go out and physically search and call out possible opportunities for a project site.  I find it hard to decide which site would be best to work with because I feel that each site would be rewarding to work on in different ways.

Tomorrow the studio is going over to the Elliotborough site to meet with possible clients.  The students are bringing all the research that has been done on each site location.  I look forward to hearing from this client and what they envision the project could bring.  Hopefully, a site location will be selected and garden design can commence!!  For now I continue perfecting site locations information and artichoke model building 🙂

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