Elliotborough Meeting Preparation

In anticipation of our first meeting with a possible client on Wednesday, January 26, Studio V has begun to wrap up the Site Analysis of 6 possible locations for our Vertical Garden project.  We plan on bringing our updated Site Analysis to the meeting, along with some proposed building areas within the Elliotbourogh Community Garden in hopes of sparking some interest.  Our Site Analysis will include a thorough investigation of Surrounding Program, Site-Specific Program, Visibility, Circulation, Sunlight Studies, and Qualities of the Site.

In addition to our Site Analysis, we are also gearing up for our Studio Pinup on Friday, January 28, which will include our research on Vertical Gardens and our investigation of a fruit or vegetable.  Our investigation will include a multitude of study models and diagrams that hope to explain our interpretation of Structure, Circulation, Poche, Program, and Skin.  My vegetable is the bell pepper, and I am currently struggling to create a model that can be completely disassembled and touch on all these categories.  If you would like to see my solution, as well as other Studio V projects, don’t hesitate to stop by the CAC.C Center on Friday!

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