Tweaking the design

 This week has been a series of ups and downs. We had an academic review on Monday that provided some really great input and will really end up helping our overall design. But afterwards, I think we all felt a little beat. But today, at our meeting with members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy as well as Claire, we seemed to really gain some energy with their positive feedback and encouragement. We learned some very important information with regards to the irrigation of the wall as well as how to go about presenting the Charleston Design Review Board. So the outlook is looking good going into our week of Spring Break and soon we can begin building the actual wall. But before that can happen, we still have some testing and experimenting to do with the mockup. Tomorrow is going to be a busy day trying to finish the mockup by this Friday and attempting to make this wall a reality!! 
Meeting with members of the Charleston Parks Conservancy. Everyone seems really excited and willing to help with the project!
Wendy and Jessica discussing our cabling system and the irrigation solutions

Max is testing out our cabling structure

Everyone checking out our mockup

Elevation and Plan Drawings of the Vertical Garden Wall

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