Finding a site…

Today in studio, we began by sitting in on each other’s vegetable/fruit critique. The process was very helpful and informative to see and learn what everyone else is working on. Then we went over the analysis of 5 possible options for the site of the vertical garden we will be designing. These places include Elliotborough Community Garden, Bogarden, Colonial Lake,  Hazel Parker Park off of Eastbay St., and a garden on the corner of Mary and America St. (Pictures are below) For each site we looked at the visibility, circulation including both vehicular and pedestrian, the amount of sunlight the site receives, the level of care, and programming at both a local garden scale as well as at a larger scale. We also will be constructing sections in order to show the spatial qualities of each of the sites.  Afterwards, we went out and visited each of the sites. In addition to the sites mentioned earlier we decided to add to our list a bus stop area in between the Charleston Visitor’s Center and The Children’s Museum. As this next week continues we continue doing an analysis on these sites as well as continuing our research on Urban Gardens as well as work on modeling and diagramming our fruit/vegetable.

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