Concrete Paths are Hard

Before we could actually pour the concrete pads and path for the bridge, we had to dig out the earth for it. After a long day of shovelling dirt, dirt, and more dirt for the concrete pads that would be at the small bridge and one side of the main bridge, we decided that borrowing a skid steerer from Cole’s job would be a much more enjoyable way to prepare the long path from the bikeway to the bridge. Cole embraced his inner digger and ripped up the earth for the path. He went a little overboard in some places so we had to shovel dirt back over it, but that still beats shovelling the whole thing by hand.


The next day, we did our very best to stake out the concrete pour and used string line to ensure our path was straight. And then the next day, we found out just how bad of a job we did. The city sent out professional concrete pourers to do the actual pour, and we learned very quickly that our amateur attempt would not succeed in creating a concrete path. Thankfully they were kind and willing to use this as an educational opportunity to teach us all the proper method of staking out the pour. By the end of the day, we had our pads and path ready to cure.


The concrete was cured and ready to be walked on just in time for the final presentation of our project to the CDCC and the community, with the only vandalism of the concrete being tiny goose tracks even after many attempts to tell them to stay off.


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