Moving Forward

Friday was a very fun and collaborative day in studio! We pulled our chairs together around the pin-up wall and monitor to share our design iterations that we created in small groups over the week. The great thing about splitting into groups at this point in the semester is that we all created designs that were all unique and totally different. This really allowed us to think outside the box and compare different designs. We had a lengthy discussion on what concepts we favored and what worked well within the site, then we voted as a class to decide which design we wanted to move forward with.

We agreed to move forward with option one and proceeded to divide into two groups. To make the groups equal, we split the graduate and undergraduate landscape architecture students up and proceeded to do the same with the architecture students. The two groups were given the task of researching joinery, materials, landscape design, construction methods, roof design, precedents and to create an overall more developed bridge/site plan. We worked together before studio ended on Friday afternoon, then decided to assign specific jobs over the weekend. Today is Monday which means we will be sharing the work that we did over the weekend and we are all excited to see the outcome!

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