Smoke Signals

Last night was our end of the semester finale get-together at the Charleston Rifle Club replete with good food and good company (and yes, a palette bonfire).  Even though our never-ending documentation is still in the midst of being wrapped up it felt good to be able to put a bow on all the work [...]

Press Release

I would like to share with everyone the press release Clemson has just released which will give y'all a more comprehensive view of what the Indigo Pine project really is and our part in it. Hope you enjoy, we are all very proud of everyone that has made this possible! Unveiling of Indigo Pine

Pop Revit

3D model in Revit Elevations of each wall Separately from the Mystery Mockup, but still very much connected to it in the methodology, is the full spectrum of the interior to the Solar Decathlon cabinetry.  While the mockup was altered slightly to test every element of the cabinets that needed to be tested, the full [...]

The Mystery Mock-Up

Its been a long time coming but we can now finally share with everyone what we have been doing the past few weeks with the Solar D cabinetry. The main Idea for the Solar D interior is that there are no walls, rooms are separated by cabinetry. This means that within this cabinetry we have [...]

Final Bolts and Knots

Wednesday, our studio headed upstate to Clemson and Greenville for both Solar Decathlon and Crop Stop Review. While a crew of people working on putting cabinetry for Solar Decathlon together, we had a “skeleton” crew go to Greenville doing the final touch on Crop Stop Kitchen porch. The biggest lesson or experience we learned from [...]

On The Road Again

As the tail end of the semester has gone, today marks yet another travel day up to Greenville/Clemson. This final trip from Charleston will be to finalized both the Solar D cabinets and the CropSTOP porch structure along with presenting and reviewing our work. The group will split up between the two sites to prepare [...]

Presents From Studio V

Its that time of year again time for presents! Here it is all wrapped up, the Solar D mock up in all its glory. I wish I could show you more but its a big secret, but don't worry soon we will be able to share all of our work on solar D. It will [...]

The Calm Before the Storm

So since Wednesday, all arms have been laid down for Thanksgiving Break.  This has been the first break we've had this semester, and even though it was much needed, it comes at a very strange time... as in we now have 2 days before our final review for the Solar Decathlon and the CropStop! So [...]


The studio was once again split up into smaller teams to finish us the semester. A small group of the Crop Stop team went to Greenville to finishing up the build. The remainder of the studio stayed in Charleston, one half doing construction drawings and worked on the mock up, and the other half hashing out [...]