Smoke Signals

Last night was our end of the semester finale get-together at the Charleston Rifle Club replete with good food and good company (and yes, a palette bonfire).  Even though our never-ending documentation is still in the midst of being wrapped up it felt good to be able to put a bow on all the work that has been done here this year.  It’s great to be able to sit back and look at the work that has been done, as the whirlwind schedule never really allows too much reminiscing between projects.  It is kind of unique to school, however, to ever get the opportunity to stop and reflect instead of being constantly caught up in the flow of work.


Also want to just take a moment to echo what was said last night in thanking some of the people that make our work possible: Mimi and Ina at the CACC are the wizards behind the curtain.  Thank you for helping all of us out throughout the fall!

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