Surprise Field Trip!

Today’s studio session was greeted by a prompting from Professor Pastre for a spontaneous field study, which was a welcome idea on such a beautiful day. The purpose of this field trip was to study a very specific set of cabinets that had various similarities to the set that we are trying to formulate for … Continue reading

Identifying Regions

            Previous entries have done well in discussing how the previous Crop Stop 1.0 is being used as a tool to build upon for a new iteration being referred to as Crop Stop 2.0. One goal for the new iteration is to consider how the structure can assist farmers in … Continue reading


In inheriting the Crop Stop, our team had to dig some holes to get to the roots of what was done before so we can take the project to the next level.  This acquainted us with the nature and scale of what we are trying to accomplish by the end of the semester, and beyond … Continue reading

Applying Knowledge Intuitively

As Nicole wrote about on Friday, we held a presentation that afternoon to discuss the many factors that will directly influence the design of the GAP Shed prototype (You can see the presentation slides here). We had a great group join us in the conversation. Ray Huff was there to add his creative and logistical expertise, not … Continue reading