Meet The Team

While part of the group is out on site today completing our final concrete pour, I’d like to take the time to introduce our team! There are some old faces that you’ve seen in last semester’s blog posts, and some new faces that have joined us for this semester. Although it’s been a little rough getting everyone up to speed on this project, we’ve definitely been having fun working together.

First up are our returning crew…

Alex Poston – Team Dad (this is his FOURTH semester in Community Build so I guess you could say he’s an expert)
Amanda Wood – “Boss” (I’m not sure how I got this title)
Johnny Newell – The Work Mule (also Second Most Likely to Get Injured)
Jerome Simiyon – Always Has a Doubt
Jed Donkle – Painting Master

And our “newbies,” as we loving call them…

Kyle Kane – Tweedledee

Lily Morris – Tweedledum (will also stomp you with her size 6 steel-toed boots)
Hannah Moss – Team Photographer

Erin Doering – Arch-Rivals With the Sun
Shelton Stevenson – Most Likely to Get Injured
Cory Yingling – aka “Corn-Dawg”

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