That’s a Wrap (almost)!

Today we spent most of our studio time on zoom working out the kinks in our community meeting presentation with the Charleston Parks Conservancy this Wednesday. The first half of class was dedicated to figuring out how we wanted to run the meeting and how we were going to do this smoothly with a potentially large crowd. This is also where we played with the Breakout Room setting to decide what was the most efficient way to communicate with the participants.

Along with figuring out the zoom plan, we went through our presentation and corrected any errors that we could find. We fine-tuned the details within the presentation slides, so they are easy to understand, aesthetically pleasing and most importantly, convey the message we aim to deliver.

The second portion of studio, we met with Leslie Wade of the Charleston Parks Conservancy to run through the presentation and fill them in on what we have created for the community meeting. Our meeting with Leslie helped us sort out general housekeeping such as introductions, mute/speaking preferences, breakout room options and overall aesthetics. We have a lot to cover in a limited amount of time and we are all looking forward to some fun and engaging conservation this Wednesday!

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