The Fast and the Furious 14

Last Friday we met with the Charleston Park Conservancy via Zoom to introduce ourselves and discuss how we can begin to improve the West Ashley Greenway. After the meeting and class discussion was wrapped up, our professor and head honcho, David Pastre, decided that the best way to introduce us to the greenway was to take to the trails by bike. We rounded up 14 bikes and headed out to the West Ashley Greenway bright and early Sunday Morning.



We began our journey at the head of the greenway off of Wesley Drive and rode all the way to the open marsh end. We were able to see the awesome temporary art installations that have been placed along the trails edge and the lovely natural scenery that appears once the asphalt turns to gravel. We were lucky to have Jim Martin, the Charleston Park Conservancy’s Director of Horticulture, riding along with us. Jim is an expert when it comes to the Lowcountry’s native plant species. He spoke about how they would love to “pull back” the natural/native landscape into the artificial landscape that has developed along the greenway.

After 18.5 miles of biking, great discussion and a few good laughs, we had successfully explored the potential of the area and begun to think about what we could do to benefit the greenway and the community.

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