It is time for a charrette

Studio Day 4 is about to commence. Everyone has dived heavily into research on the history of the Wagner Terrace Community, site analysis, working gardens, and precedent studies. The exciting part about the next couple of days is that we all get to come together and present all of our findings to the group. It is the day we get to learn new information about our site, gardens, building community, and finding inspirations for our future community garden design. Currently, I am a part of the precedent design research team and have spent the last few days researching past community gardens, shade structures, rain water collection systems, materials, construction and joinery systems, garden organization, and much, much more!

Here is an exclusive inside look on some of our precedent study research!

LOOP Pavilion
Perforated Patterns

We are excited to present all of our information to the client this Friday, January 18th in hopes of sparking great conversation and beginning to get our creative juices flowing! Stay tuned!!

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