The studio finally had a charrette today where collectively started to look into the possibilities for what this community garden could be.

We first share with one another the information that we had been collecting during the past couple of days. We used that information to answer what we thought were the most important questions to resolve before moving forward with any design ideas.

Studio Charrette with Proffesor Pastre (right)

I believe the most relevant question that we asked ourselves today was who will actually be using the garden. Retirees and stay at home parents were the most obvious candidates. However, the recent arrival the younger crowds to Wagener Terrace suggests that we should also expect some young individuals to use the garden. Single hipsters looking for organic produce and community involvement are now being considered.

Aaron Green drawing one the proppossed layouts discussed during the charrette

We walked out with some rough layout ideas that now need to be refined before presenting them to the Charleston Parks Conservancy tomorrow afternoon.

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