This past weekend we made a great deal of progress on site. With all columns, beams, and rafters in place, the main structure was finally completed. This was an exciting moment as it gave us an actual sense of what the pavilion will be like, which is a bit larger than anticipated, but that was [...]

The materials

Most of the materials arrived yesterday to the cigar factory and are now stored in the CAC.C woodshop. It took a team of us just to move it inside, but having the piles of pine wood, LVL and steel on sight is quite motivating. In the coming days, we will be shifting our attention away [...]

CD’S Attempt #1

Friday afternoon we met with Reggie and Alicia from Reggie Gibson Architects to take a look at our pavilion and see if he had any suggestion before starting work on construction documents. We also used the opportunity to look at a project of his that is in the pre-preliminary phase of construction documents and that [...]

One studio. One project

We have finally come together as a united whole. Ryan modeled a compelling pavilion that blends the strengths of the four proposals we had for the previous presentation in terms of form, space, character, and sequence. We agreed to use this scheme as a base to develop the final design. This has given us a [...]


The studio finally had a charrette today where collectively started to look into the possibilities for what this community garden could be. We first share with one another the information that we had been collecting during the past couple of days. We used that information to answer what we thought were the most important questions [...]