The Climax!

In her blog, Olivia did a fantastic job of describing the bridges’ assembly procedure. So I’ll carry on with the tale. On Saturday, September 17, 2023, after 2 PM, we strived for perfection! However, few of them were half an inch off. So we loosened the bolts and we attempted to hammer them back into place. After failing for more than an hour in doing so, we used our strength to adjust it to the perfect level and a couple of people tightened the bolts so that it stayed at its position and somehow it worked! Further, we welded the joints and started to make form works for the bridge to ensure that it stayed intact during transportation. We completed the formwork around 6.30 pm and saw our Professor David enter the shop with a wide smile! Up until that point, the remainder of the class had gathered in the shop and was prepared to carry the bridge to the parking lot so that a crew from the City of Charleston could transport it to the site.

A-joints welded to the rail

As John indicated in his blog, we made a wooden arch for ITC. So, to give our arch a completed appearance, we unclamped it over the weekend and ran it through the planer and sander.

One more intriguing thing! I merely went to say hello to a friend Nautica in another studio! I saw she was creating handcrafted sketchbooks. Everything produced by hand. White threads were skillfully used to stitch together the paper, book, cover, and book! It was so beautifully done. I became smitten with it!

A glimpse of her work
The Sketchbook

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