On the path of INNOVATION!

This year, we will be building the pavilion partly with a different material that has been used in aircraft! It’s referred to as ‘composite‘.

It is a great opportunity to experiment and explore applications of innovative materials and set an example!  As we are on the verge of completing the design of the pavilion, we have begun to consider the building materials that will be employed. On March 17, Friday, a salesperson from CUI-CAR made a visit to CDCC. He informed us and demonstrated how we can use the composites in a building. Understanding the benefits, strengths, and shortcomings of the recently introduced material was the subject of an engaging conversation. The fact that it would make a terrific material for circular elements of the design intrigued me the most. Its durability is by far its greatest strength. Excellent conversation, indeed!

After the session, we spent sometime discussing our designs.

Design discussion

This is a bit different from academics but important. This is about the person at school who helps to brighten my day and restore my faith in goodness. It is about Jakes, who helps to keep the Cigar Factory safe and secure. He always extends a heartfelt welcome to everyone when one enters.  He will ask if you are doing all right and will wish you to have a blessed day.

One day I was stressed and he reminded me to keep faith in God and believe that everything will be great!

I really appreciate and value people like Jakes who makes everyone’s day a little better by their positivity and belief.

Yes! I made sure to click a picture with him!

A selfie with Jakes

Let me know if you had a similar experience!

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