Slicin’ n Dicin’

Monday’s studio time was dedicated to assembling and finalizing our boards for Wednesday’s presentation at Frierson Elementary. This presentation will be an opportunity for the team to show Frierson all of the research and precedent studies we have done over the past couple of weeks. We want to be able to show and prove that we know our client as best as possible and can effectively represent their needs and wants in this design, so this presentation is a crucial step in furthering our relationship with Frierson.

Alex and Jerome mounting and cutting (with a pocket knife…?) the presentation boards

While compiling a set of presentation boards may seem pretty mundane, this is essentially our first time presenting any work to Frierson and we definitely want to make a good impression that will last through the remainder of the project.

In addition to the presentation boards and the sim[PLY] shelter activity, we also decided to create a “leave behind” lesson plan for the teachers at Frierson to do with their students after our presentation on Wednesday. The unique—and exciting—part of this project that is a little different than previous years’ projects is that we get to work directly with the students and help them understand the principles of architecture. This “leave behind” lesson plan is the first step towards this goal, as it breaks down architectural design into a few key concepts that the students can then use to create their own versions of the outdoor classroom pavilion. It will be so interesting to see what the kids prioritize in their designs and what features are most important to them. Hopefully their feedback and ideas will help us in our own designs to create something that the students and teachers can truly see themselves in! 

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