Measure 10 Times Cut Once

#TeamSteel has been hard at work this past week – we’ve started cutting the steel for the metal roof connections! This metal ridge is sandwiched between each pair of rafters and connects the green and corrugated metal roofs together. The 18 green roof rafter connections are all relatively similar – but the 18 on the corrugated metal side all have a different length and angle to account for its unique undulating form. These 36 individual pieces will eventually be welded together in corresponding pairs.

Because there is so much to account for – and a lot of room for mistakes – we took the time to create a system that we believed would be fast and efficient. Using the shop drawings, Lauren first measures out each piece and labels them. Landon then uses our fancy new metal bandsaw to cut each to length, as well as the angled edge. These pieces are then passed to me, and I measure and mark the location of each bolt hole. Michaela and Maddi then punch these holes and pass the piece along to Ian who grinds the angled edge in preparation of them being welded together. Using this system, we were able to complete all 36 connections in just 3 days! Go #TeamSteel!


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