It Takes a Village

On Friday, with the help from the city, we poured the first concrete pour of three we will need to make for our foundation. Also, on that glorious Friday, we received our order of steel and boy, was that some HEAVY stuff!! That same day, we began the process of cutting steel and came up with a masterpiece of a game plan for Saturday.

Fast forward to Saturday, our class split into two groups; the lumber group and the steel group. As part of the lumber crew, we cross cut all of the rafter pieces for both the metal and green roof.  We decided to start with the metal roof rafters (2×8’s) since they were all straight cuts, the only thing that changed was their lengths. After 36 cuts, sweat, and blood blisters, we moved onto the rafters for the green roof (here we go again). This components had to be cut at 14 degree angle first before cutting to final dimension.  Sooooooo, after making 36 angle cuts, we plopped those bad boys back on the miter saw and made 36 more cuts to get the rafters to final dimensions!



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