It Takes a Village

On Friday, with the help from the city, we poured the first concrete pour of three we will need to make for our foundation. Also, on that glorious Friday, we received our order of steel and boy, was that some HEAVY stuff!! That same day, we began the process of cutting steel and came up [...]


On Monday, Ian, Britt and I started to get a material count and pricing on steel, wood and hardware components that will be needed for this project.  So far we know that we need  36 2"x10"x16' boards for the rafters that will be part of the green roof and 36 2"x8"x16' boards for the rafters [...]

Pin-Up on a Sunday?

Quick recap: Following Friday's class discussion, our studio split into two groups; a roof group and a site development group. On Sunday, the site development group assembled to discuss site strategies, the concrete pad, built-ins, and the rain garden. Our group took 20 minutes to come up with some design iterations before coming together to [...]

New Site Goofin’

On Monday we broke out into groups exploring various characteristics about this site.  The tasks involve; site strategies, identifying existing vegetation, parks and landscape precedents, to site maps just to name a few.  We plan to meet on Wednesday to discuss the research we have gathered in order to move forward for our FIRST review [...]

The Chronicles of Mulberry Pond

On Monday, we split tasks within the group. As some continued to wrap up CDs, some adjustments had to be made to our foundation plan due to changes made on site. As this all comes together, we are keeping track of our material count for accurate pricing as we begin placing orders. One team continues [...]

The Gang’s Back Together Again

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls On today’s episode of CACC take on Mulberry Pond, the gang's back together and decided on the design that we want to push for our meeting with the parks conservancy that is set for Wednesday. As we move forward, we have set tasks for the group to tackle for the big [...]

Community Meeting

The meeting finally happened!!!! After weeks of preparations, our studio finally hosted the meeting with community members from West Ashley and the Parks Conservancy to discuss what they would like to see improved in the West Ashley Greenway & Bikeway.  The meeting began with Leslie Wade, from the Charleston Parks Conservancy giving a brief background [...]