The Gang’s Back Together Again

Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls

On today’s episode of CACC take on Mulberry Pond, the gang’s back together and decided on the design that we want to push for our meeting with the parks conservancy that is set for Wednesday. As we move forward, we have set tasks for the group to tackle for the big show. Using the land survey information provided to us by Sandy, we were able to create a 3d topographical model and place our bridge design on it. From there, we divided tasks for the group to work on for the big day. Some of us are in charge of producing a big ol’ physical model to show our guests zoom attendees while others are working on the roof design, foundation, plans, sections and renders. We are extremely excited to meet with the Park Conservancy and get feedback from them!! Stay tuned for the next episode of CACC take on Mulberry Pond to see where things take us.

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