Crafting The Charrette

On Friday we had our follow up meeting with the Charleston Parks Conservancy regarding our upcoming digital charrette with the community. Over the course of the last week, we had split up into teams to focus our efforts in different areas. These teams consisted of software research, gathering digital presentation precedents, local social media usage, and information pertaining to businesses in the area who may be willing to advertise the event.

The goal is to craft a charrette that not only generates conversation and an exchange of ideas, but one that also represents the West Ashley community as a whole. This required analyzing the needs of those we are hoping to engage. The Charleston Parks Conservancy expressed to us their desire to reach members of the community who would not usually be involved in this decision-making process. This potentially means creating graphics that target a younger population or even having a number of the signs translated in order to reach the Hispanic community.

And although our presentation was conducted via Zoom, we still managed to have a very successful conversation with Leslie Wade and Kayla Huff!

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