Zoom University

Thanks to COVID-19 protocols at the Cigar Factory, the last few classes have been entirely online. This has actually led to some beneficial testing of the online software known as InVision. This website is what the class intends to use for the community conversation and in the past few days, we have all become more and more familiar with it.

In response to the conversation had with Leslie and Kayla on Friday, the teams spent the weekend fine-tuning their contributions to getting the word about the community conversation out to the public. This included updating the graphics that would be used on signage and social media, the Google form survey, the schedule for the actual meeting, and digging deeper into the future site selection.

We eagerly await final feedback from Leslie and the rest of the Charleston Parks Conservancy so that we can begin rolling things out to the public by the end of this week. Keep an eye out on the Greenway and Bikeway for some mysterious signs.

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