Bikes. Brainstorming. Bridges…

Higgins Pier

After an intense day of field study, biking the West Ashley Greenway, the A+CB team heads back to Studio V with a better understanding of the current site conditions along Charleston’s premier walking trail.  An outdoor experience and hands-on building projects are the reason a lot of us joined Studio V and now the opportunity to plan and develop the experience for future Charelstonians drives us to give something special to the West Ashley community we’ve partnered with. We return to the Studio energized and with a better perspective to sift through previous conservancy studies, precedent research, and community input to build a better greenway.

Community Idea Wall, 2019 W.A.G. Study 

Brainstorming Begins!
Armed with the Charleston Parks Conservancy Concept Plan, we are able to update ourselves with pages of research previously compiled and presented by Alta Planning + Design in 2019. The idea wall ensures our adherence to community concerns and the importance of building an idea around a cooperative experience.
The West Ashley Greenway not only connects a community across two rivers but also provides a world-class destination for the Greater Charleston Penninsula.

Studio V, inside the think tank  

At some point, I think David Pastre said, “Ya know, I’ve always wanted to do a Bridge…” and so now we are looking into it. So many directions, so many opportunities, so many questions… but there are also a number of places on this trail where a bridge may actually work. Outdated bridges and repair work abound along the greenway and may, in some cases, be cause for public safety concerns. Not to mention what a poetic notion it would be to provide a lasting connection that the community would physically interact with on a daily basis.


Current Conditions, Footbridge at Tennis Center

Much more consideration, expertise, and input need to be hashed out at this point but, come to think of it, It would not be the first time Clemson Architecture Students have built a bridge. Stay tuned for updates and concept development on this first Clemson A+CB installment on the West Ashley Greenway.

SC Botanical Gardens, Clemson Architecture 2013

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