Urban Garden Party!

Yesterday was a fantastic day for our client! Greenheart hosted a successful fundraiser on the future site of the Enston Home Community Garden. The “Urban Garden Party” was set up with four main stations. These stations were meant to give an idea of the type of activities/processes that will be in the future garden. Investors, neighbors, friends, and kids were there to learn about gardening and see the proposed garden layout. There were also a few notable people in attendance including the Mayor of Charleston who said a few words in support of the new garden. It’s great to have support from everyone!

Our program had a booth set up next to the “farmers market” stand. We brought our most recent model and a few presentation boards so we could explain to the community what the new Farm Managers Station would look like! We had ALL positive feedback. Everyone was very excited and asked great questions!

Below are a few photos from the event. Greenheart has raised over half of their fundraising goal for the whole project! (Total goal: $2 Million)

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