But wait….where will they sit?

As you all know construction documents are in full swing and the team has dived straight into all the details of how our pavilion will come together. This is a crucial part of the design/build program and I, personally, am excited to learn about construction and how to create the details for these drawings. Along with prepping for CDs a few group members are still hammering out the final designs for parts of the pavilion such as storage and, you guessed it, SEATING.  One of the most important aspects of our design is focused on how the community will use this space. With this in mind, seating is a crucial component. The struggles we are having with seating is finding a way to incorporate it without taking up too much space. The goal for our design is to have cafe or picnic style tables on the community side of the structure to allow for a more open and flexible space. However, this quality is hard to achieve when more permanent seating is required. But this is the beauty of what architecture really is; just a bunch of problem solving. We are getting close to figuring it out and can not wait to share it with the group tomorrow!

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