Rain, Rain, Rain

Since moving to South Carolina in August, I have noticed we do not let rain stop us! So why should our design stop short of embracing the rain??? The Corrine Jones Pavilion has an AWESOME rain feature. There is a 40′ linear gutter that runs down the middle of the structure. This gutter is 3 FEET WIDE and the basis of design.

Now, you may be wondering – why spend time and resources on a gutter when you can simply buy a small piece of equipment that does the same thing.

Today, I am going to let you into the world of architectural design… When we design, we take the health, safety, and welfare of the public into consideration, along side our clients needs and wants. Design is a benefit in this process. And what better than a feature to talk about – aka, a concept. When developing a concept for a project, we take into consideration all the practical constraints:

  • Site: Local climate, winds, sun, history, unique features, etc…
  • Client: Cultural beliefs and preconceptions, preferences, agenda, budget, personality traits, organization, program
  • Building Typology: What is the structure? Are there precedents?

Our Concept is then a response to the information we have gathered. This information then shapes the design process and we create spaces for PEOPLE. Along with the concept, there needs to be a narrative – the experience of the concept. 

At Corrine Jones Park, there is a substantial gutter, this is of course for rain collection; but it is also for the experience of the user. How does the user feel in the space? How does the user function in this space? How does this space address a wide range of users? How does the concept inform the circulation? These are all aspects that are considered… And at Clemson’s Community Build program, we stand by the client, user, and design in order to create the best solution for a great EXPERIENCE.

To learn more about the design process in regards to a concept, check out this short video by 30X40 Design Workshop. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4dVgbuxBAw

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