On to detailing!!!

Yesterday was huge step forward as we were able to finalize most of our design and ‘diagram’. We are now moving in detailing and how really this GREAT structure will come together.

We are working in small teams to resolves the materiality, constructibility and overall aesthetic our pavilion and making great strides. Some of the discussion currently happening involve: 

The gate: what does it look like? How does it operate? Is it half & half?

The gutter: What is made out of? How will it be assembled?

Storage: Vertical and horizontal tool storage? What is the counter made of? Is it concrete

Structure: What is the column to ground connection type ? What is the roof assembly?

We are hoping to answer these questions as we gear towards construction documents and moving to REVIT!

Stay tuned coz it’s about to be real exciting (not that it wasn’t before)!!!



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