“Be A Better Roof”


With the final design review being only 6 days away, everybody in Studio V has been working hard at developing a single, strong scheme to present to the Charleston Park Conservancy now that we are working together as a studio. In order to better prepare for our next client meeting we have decided to break off into small groups and delegate tasks to make sure we cover all the bases. The 5 groups we have broken into are as follows:

  • Research – 2 students are looking into local zoning ordinances, building codes, and accessibility requirements in addition to the logistics of water collection and waste with the rainwater harvesting system that we are looking to implement in our design
  • Site Layout – 3 students are looking into how to best arrange the different components of this community garden taking into account circulation, bed placement in order to optimize sun exposure, and how to maintain a connection with the existing playground and multi-purpose field
  • Form – 4 students, with input from the rest of the class, David, and potentially a structural engineer, are looking at how to consolidate and implement the strengths of the previous 4 small group designs into a single form.
  • Storage – 2 students are looking into how we can rethink the idea of tool storage on site coming up with new and creative ways with which we can avoid just having a wall of simple locker storage that obstructs the view
  • Blog – 3 students are working hard to redevelop our branding and current blog site layout to make it easier for you to access information on current and past projects Studio V has worked on

As our project scheme develops and we continue to work towards Monday’s review, we may add or break off into additional groups to look into important topics such as building material and cost. Currently, I am working with the team on form trying to see how we can achieve a curved structure and roof system which is proving to be a little challenging but nothing Studio V can’t handle. Below is a small glimpse of what we’ve been working on the past few days.


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