Design Phase

Today marks the first day of the design phase of Crop Stop 2!  However, just because we are now working on Crop Stop 2 doesn’t mean Crop Stop 1 is forgotten about.  Professor Pastre reminded us that in any design or construction job, it is typical to work on more than one project at a time.  Many times projects will be running simultaneously, and as designers we must adapt to that and acquire the skills necessary to multitask, which we are about to get a lot of practice in.

With that being said,  I am really excited to mix it up a bit and get to work on Crop Stop 2; although, the past weeks on John’s Island at Crop Stop 1 have been a great learning experience.  I have heard that Studio V typically begins with design and ends with construction, which is a little opposite of what we have done so far this semester, but being able to work hands on with Crop Stop 1 and really understand the concepts and initiatives behind the Crop Stop was an essential first step to designing Crop Stop 2.  Now we have a better understanding of what to bring forward or what may work better.

Now with that background knowledge, we can begin to think about ideas for the exterior skin and the roof treatment of Crop Stop 2 (which we constructed in Charleston two weeks ago).  We are beginning by bringing in ideas and inspiration that we can then pin up and discuss with all of studio. Using sketches, photos, material suggestions, and other forms of communication, we will be able to get many ideas out on the table to discuss going forward.  It will be neat to see how everyone thought about the design of the skin and roof, and then be able to combine all our strengths and ideas into something innovative.

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Finishing touches of Crop Stop 1

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