I am sure most people who do work on a computer, whether you’re a designer or not, have had the file naming dilemma in which the list of file iterations gets longer and longer, as does the names of those files.  In my opinion it’s a good thing; it means you’re getting closer and you have made informed decisions to make a change.

20140921_4935We are at an exciting point in the design of the Crop Stop. This final design phase of detailing framing assemblies and cladding systems is where the project starts to take life. We have gone through the challenging process of thoughtfully stripping away unnecessary design elements in an effort to simplify the design and make for a quick construction process.  So, the “final” design that we had a week ago, doesn’t look like the one we have today, and I can assure you, more changes will come.

20140919_4964That is the nature of a design build studio and what it is all about. It is unique to any other project we will work on, whether it be in school or a professional setting. It is a transformative process, challenging us to think collaboratively about how to couple design intent with an efficient construction process.

20140919_4978After another productive day in studio today, we will be prepared meet with a structural engineer and get his comments on the design. Then that’s it. Before we know it we will be in full swing of an intense construction process in which we get to see with our own eyes the results or our design efforts and will be humbly reminded of the many discussions we had about the simplest of details.


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