Revisiting CropStop 1

Good morning!

This is your resident in-house expert on commercial grade kitchen appliances for Studio V on CropStop 2.0! I have no idea how that happened. Well, that’s a lie. No one else wanted to do it, so in order for the project to move forward, someone had to start researching. Yesterday, however, had me looking backwards even as CropStop 2 slowly finalizes.

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I’ve been given a great opportunity to make a little bit of a difference on one of Studio V’s previous projects. The appliances, mechanical systems, and their placement has been a thorn in the side of the Cropstop project for quite some time now. On such a small volume, these relatively massive pieces of equipment have been awkward insertions in to a beautifully designed shell than an integral part of the design. This has been taken into major consideration on CropStop 2, mostly by yours truly, but CropStop 1 had already seemed distant and finalized. Not the case! The CropStop is in a category all its own, using commercial grade equipment but not having the capacity or output of a restaurant. With this confusion, we were previously led by suggestions and recommendations that really did not fit our needs. This order has now been revised. So, now CropStop 1 has a brand new set of appliances to be ordered that will hopefully, as has always been our goal, benefit the farmers and community involved in this great program.

For me personally, it is another skill I can add to my ever eclectic CV. Until recently, I was unsure how useful my time had been spent or if I was making an impact on the CropStop. It’s good to feel that I am not only helping the current project, but I can influence the previous one as well. That’s a great feeling! I just wish the internet would stop pestering me with advertisements about kitchen equipment and ventilation hoods.

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