Coordinating the Coordination

Hello Readers,

Things are starting to heat up in the kitchen as we start to move into the construction documentation phase.  The Solar Decathlon portion of the team is also rapidly approaching our submission date for the Dept of Energy.

The trickiest part for all of this is making sure we not only coordinate between the two Charleston groups but also with the two respective studio groups that are working simultaneously in Clemson.  I’m currently working on cabinetry group for units that will be developed and prototyped here, only to be built both in Clemson and California down the road.

Cabinet Still Shot

Something we are really getting a chance to get our hands on in this group is the economy of space.  It’s remarkable just how complicated it can be to make something simple (makes you appreciate those iPhones a lot more).  We are bringing together many elements into what will (hopefully) be a cohesive whole.

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