Another Weekend in Greenville

This past weekend a group of four studio members made the trip back to Greenville to continue work on the Crop Stop porch structure. There were several tasks that remained; the following are photos documenting the weekend. Saturday morning, a great day for working outside. Former studio V member Max Streeter showed up to give [...]

Weekend Warriors

A week ago today we were at the Simmons St. shop cutting, painting and pre-assembling the lumber in anticipation for a marathon build up in Greenville.  Now, what used to be a field of specifically labeled stacked and categorized lumber is an assembled structure. Starting with a site blanketed in the first snow of the [...]

I Don’t Believe We’ve Met

After all these weeks it seems as though the site needs a proper introduction. Located just outside the downtown core of Greenville, SC, the site is situated in a dense urban environment. Bolt St. and Trotter St. frame boundaries of the site. In the map bellow you can explore the area a bit and get [...]


I am sure most people who do work on a computer, whether you’re a designer or not, have had the file naming dilemma in which the list of file iterations gets longer and longer, as does the names of those files.  In my opinion it’s a good thing; it means you’re getting closer and you [...]

Need More Coffee!

It's 6am the morning of our review and Studio V is functioning at full capacity. With the deadline fast approaching,  I will be making today's post short and sweet. Today six different Crop stop designs will be presented. Each design is curated towards a different U.S. climate zone. The goal of this exercise, however, is [...]

I Found It

If there was a part of a building that could be deemed as “the most important”, it would inevitably be the foundation. A properly founded structure is fundamental to the success and longevity of that structure. In any design, the foundation should be thought about in the early stages of schematic design. For this particular [...]