I Don’t Believe We’ve Met

After all these weeks it seems as though the site needs a proper introduction. Located just outside the downtown core of Greeneville, SC, the site is situated in a dense urban environment. Bolt St. and Trotter St frame boundaries of the site. In the map bellow you can explore the area a bit and get your bearings. Jump into google street view and you can walk yourself around the site.


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Site Plan

The site is surrounded by assets on all sides. Starting at the South end, there is the Long Branch Baptist Church and an elementary School.  Then to the north there is a community garden, which makes locating a crop stop on this site quite obvious. To the NW is a playground and green house. The green house functions as part of the community garden and has recently implemented an aquaponics growing system (If your unfamiliar with this and want to learn something cool you should look it up). Also, right now, the green house is installing a solar collection system that will serve as an energy source to power this system. Closed loop and off the grid, how cool is that. All of this is set in the middle of an active and involved community. Simply put, this is the perfect location for a Crop Stop.


View from South edge of site.

Two weekends ago a small group of students went to visit the site and survey the grade. The survey reviled the obvious reality that that site was not flat was not the same as the flat plane that we were designing with on the computer. The past week has been spent adapting our plans to more specific conditions of the site to accommodate the slope and accessibility requirements, adding layer of resolution to the project.


View From NE corner looking towards church.

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