Weekend Warriors

A week ago today we were at the Simmons St. shop cutting, painting and pre-assembling the lumber in anticipation for a marathon build up in Greenville.  Now, what used to be a field of specifically labeled stacked and categorized lumber is an assembled structure.


Starting with a site blanketed in the first snow of the year and ending on a pleasant sunny evening, the 4 day build was full of challenges proved to be a test for everyone.  The obvious reward for everyone is a structure that is plum true and square.


At its longest dimension the roof spans 68′ and is supported by 12′ columns. All of our efforts were spend trying to achieve straight lines with long members of green wood. The beauty of our framing method is that every piece of wood is serving a purpose, in many cases the members serve multiple functions.  So with each member that is added to the structure the straighter everything gets.
20141104_5631The major push of this project is complete, but there will still be another weekend of work to tie up a few loose ends. At this point the project is a major success and has served as an excellent lesson in the design and construction of wood framing.

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