Filling in the Gaps

This phase of the project reminds me of a puzzle that is just a few pieces away from being done. The end is in site, and now the studio is just undergoing a process of filling in those last few gaps. At this point, we are articulating and fine-tuning our ideas, rather than producing new ones. This is the time to be very thoughtful and deliberate about our pavilion – a period of synthesizing all its components into a cohesive whole.

Image from wikipedia

It brings to mind a research paper I am in the process of writing for my urbanism class here at the CAC.C. In my paper I am discussing an city-wide urban infill project. This is when a city looks inward, to expansion that can occur internally, so that it does not just continue to expand but instead becomes more dense and efficient within its own boundaries.  In other words, the city is filling in its gap by becoming more contained and more thoughtful about its urbanization.  It is making the most of the space it already has. In the process, the city gains additional layers of meaning.

Opportunity for urban infill (image from wikipedia)

It’s similar to what we are doing now, in a way. Our pavilion is completely designed. Now is the time to just “fill in the gaps,” rather than adding new components to the design. Instead of continuing to change and evolve, our idea is set, and we are just tweaking the minute details. This week the five of us must carefully add those last few puzzle pieces, to produce a well-articulated and well thought-out pavilion.

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  1. When will we see the design? I am excited to see the pictures/illustrations of the actual design of the pavilion.

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