Keep your eyes on the prize.

It seems that I find many comparisons with this project to my own experiences. One that applies rather well right now, as we embark into a very condensed stage of construction documents, mock-ups and pricing materials, is racing. Running is a delicate balance of making the body as efficient as possible, beating the clock, and all the while doing so with the highest quality and work ethic. Turning the idea of speed, control and endurance into reality is pretty extraordinary, just like the process of designing a building.


That is how I am starting to view this stage of our design process for the pavilion. We have already come so far, from our initial quick sketches to a great, finalized design…but we are only at the 900 meter mark of the mile race, and for you non-runners, that’s a little over half-way. To not only finish the race, but more importantly win the race, we must optimize our time and efforts in the best possible way. We must truly weigh the benefits and values of each decision…and quickly. While I know we have a strong (mentally, creatively and physically!) group and that we will complete this project with excellence, it’s still a bit daunting to realize what all we still have left…


As we enter into this next phase of construction, it will become necessary develop a system for collaboration, efficiency, leadership and ultimately, getting things done. We need to reveal and utilize each individual’s specific strengths and weaknesses to truly make the most of this next month and a half. While some of us have excellent wood-working abilities, others possess a sharp eye for detail. Just like any great running team, you simply can not win a meet without your colleagues and each person’s distinct talents.

So, words of wisdom for the next step? “It never gets easier. You just get better.” We can do it, Studio V!

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