Reflection on the Process

It is surely a different feeling going from non-stop, full day working on the pavilion, screeding concrete or bending rebar to quietly sitting at my desk in studio compiling all of the recently uploaded construction images. While we still have some buttoning up to do on the western trellis side early this coming week, it [...]

The Art of Building

Driving up to the site today seeing Professor Pastre and my fellow classmates arranging columns around the slab was the first real taste of the building coming together. While it is crunch time, there are definitely moments of pause to think about how truly unique our pavilion will be. I honestly can't wait to see [...]

Keep your eyes on the prize.

It seems that I find many comparisons with this project to my own experiences. One that applies rather well right now, as we embark into a very condensed stage of construction documents, mock-ups and pricing materials, is racing. Running is a delicate balance of making the body as efficient as possible, beating the clock, and [...]

It’s All About The Details.

This new chapter in the design process brings to mind a research paper I wrote on the Buddhist tradition of sand mandalas. The patience and beauty of their detail work is phenomenal; every grain of sand must be placed in its perfect location or else the entire composition could be thrown off. While we won't [...]

It Takes Two…or Three…

 "If everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself," as good old Henry Ford would say.  Effective collaboration with others can generate excellence that is much greater than any sole individual. Without such, architecture is nothing. Not one building was conceived, designed or built by just one individual. In high school, I used [...]

How do you envision 100 feet?

When you think of the height or length of something, how do you visualize it in your mind? A couple football fields, the Eiffel tower... When I think of a longer distance, a blue whale, roughly 100 feet long, pops into my head. In the 2nd grade, I distinctly remember visiting the Cincinnati Museum Center's [...]

A Field of Possibilities

So it begins! It's rather hard to believe that in just a few months, this vacant lot will be transformed into a vibrant, learning and growing space for all . This semester's Studio V is proud and excited to be a part of a project that has the potential of cultivating, invigorating and teaching the [...]