Are You Mocking Me?

Last night and this morning began with a night of building. We finally began constructing the mock-up. Yiwen and myself worked on building the post to girder to beam detail at 1:1. After a night of coordinating to buy a couple extra pieces: the corrugated roofing, hardware, and an extra piece of framing; we set about measuring, cutting, screwing, and assembling.

This was very much a learn on the fly type of deal. This isn’t legos and there are no instruction sheets. I have about the most experience of the group in terms of building and that is little to none. So Yiwen and myself made judgement calls on how far to space screws and what is the best way to drill through 10 inches of wood with a 6 inch drill bit. In the end it worked. Perhaps we used more hardware than needed in terms of screws but it is a learning process and refinement comes with experience.

You really don’t begin to understand how experience plays a huge role into the building process until you are there and suddenly remember you don’t know. You don’t know how to navigate certain obstacles at hardware stores; like trying to figure out how to fit a 10′ piece of roofing in a car when the store refuses to cut it down. You don’t know how far to set apart the screws. You don’t know not to use the 3 1/2″ nails even though the base plate says to. Something that was drawn out in 1 minute is really easy to visualize and accept but  you cannot quantify how much you know until you have an 8 foot piece of wood in front of you that needs to be assembled.

But for what we lack in experience we make up in determination. Neither Yiwen or myself could be deterred, not by unhelpful store clerks, not by an impending timeline, and especially not by material itself. For in the end, all it really takes is two people wanting to accomplish something and a pizza from a peculiar little pizza joint.

Mistakes were made but with mistakes come experience, ultimately the thing we lacked. We installed the roof this morning and the mock-up now freely stands in the shop mounted into the floor joist for time being. I’ll leave you with our work.

Yiwen proudly displays the mock up that we built
Yiwen proudly displays the mock-up that we built


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