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Setting Records

Studio V had a very successful weekend in Greenville and Clemson, and got a lot of work accomplished. Friday morning we unloaded the half of the crop stop that we have had in Charleston in Greenville in a total of 45 minutes! With that record timing we took off for Clemson to deconstruct the other … Continue reading


Time to say goodbye!

Our semester has come to an end! We are now in Clemson and ready to work for the weekend! We have finished packing all the pieces and transported them to Clemson and Greenville. We are looking forward to working all the weekend in order to have foundation laid out.  We are divided in two groups … Continue reading


Packed and Ready to go!

After the past few months of working on Crop Stop 2, mocking up, drawing construction documents, and designing the exterior, we are finally ready to pack up and move up to Greenville for the actual build. This is a big step for the studio; because we wont be able to get to the actual build … Continue reading

A different look at the sim[ply] method

The deconstruction of Cropstop 2 gives a different look at how the sim[ply] method works. When assembling it all we were worried about is trying to get it to fit, but now as we take it apart three months later we are analyzing pieces so that corrections can be made, while understanding why pieces are … Continue reading


Getting ready for a trip to Greenville – CS2 setup.

     Today we were taking apart the Crop Stop 2 structure, the existing structure built a few weeks ago with collaboration of the solar decathlon team. In order to transport this kitchen to its actual site in Greenville, we had to carefully dissemble the parts. Before taking it down, we discussed the best way … Continue reading


The Weekend Push

Over the weekend Studio V continued to design brackets, but only for the dog trot on Crop Stop 2.  After a long talk in studio about the brackets that would be adjacent to the porch structure, it was a unanimous decision to scrap that idea and attach 2×6 boards to the existing rafters to create … Continue reading


Can It All Fit?

With our Mock Up Review under our belt, we had to start thinking about our up coming trip to Clemson. On the 24th of this month we are heading to Clemson for the Solar D Gala. The reason our upcoming trip is a real concern of ours is because we are having to move the … Continue reading


Brackets, Brackets, Brackets

Wednesday was a step back from the fury of the weekend for Studio V. Wednesday’s agenda centered on the Crop Stop 2 brackets. During our Mock up review, the brackets were the center of conversation. The studio workflow and ideas were definitely on point today. While no bracket has been finalized, Studio V made real … Continue reading


Learning by Doing

As was mentioned in the previous post, the most feedback we received from our mock up review was about the brackets.  We most definitely learned a tremendous amount by actually building the brackets for the mock-up, rather than looking at them on the computer or in sketches.  We have two different bracket constructions: one will … Continue reading


Mock-up Review

During the design process our main goal with this mock-up was to acquire feedback from the experts about our design. Earlier in the semester, as a team, we came up with design ideas that were innovative and cost-effective for our farm kitchen. We worked hard this weekend to put all these ideas together and built … Continue reading


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