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What is Today?

Today is progress. One of the most refreshing parts of design reviews, is having fresh perspective from people who have never seen your ideas before.  It’s can be easy to become attached to something that enraptures your soul, and drags you like a siren through the long hours of the night previous to a critique. … Continue reading

And on to the next one

Well it seems everyone lived through ‘Jury 2: The Regioning’.  Next up is the big-time – figuring out how to take six disparate ideas and begin to meld them into one successful design for the first of the new CropStops.  It was impressive to see just how much the individual groups varied in their designs … Continue reading


Need More Coffee!

It’s 6am the morning of our review and Studio V is functioning at full capacity. With the deadline fast approaching,  I will be making today’s post short and sweet. Today six different Crop stop designs will be presented. Each design is curated towards a different U.S. climate zone. The goal of this exercise, however, is … Continue reading


Design. Edit. Repeat

Monday brought a quick, non prepared peer review to shake up Studio V in preparation for our review on Wednesday. We were given 15 minutes to gather and distill both how and what to present to our fellow studiomates and only 5 minutes in which to do so. The key elements were the basic concept, construction … Continue reading

scale, purpose, gravity

Geometry Holds the Answer

In architectural design, our geometric palette consists of three-dimensional spaces and materials. How to then compose them into geometries that solve problems?


But Why?

While it is interesting to know ‘how’ Crop Stop 2.0 is being shaped, it is important for us to remember ‘why’ it is happening. Eating, buying, and supporting businesses locally is an almost cliched initiative today. The act of doing so has become foreign to many people. It’s an understandable logic when you look at … Continue reading

Sustainability Gone Down the Drain

While the end goal of this iteration of Crop Stop sits squarely within Greenville County, the vision of Studio V spans the area of the continental United States: Studio V spent this week investigating the viability of the Crop Stop concept through six lenses of customization across the various regions of the US. Having been … Continue reading

mosaic photo

The Big Picture

         The studio has broken up into six groups of twos to start designing for our assigned regions.  My partner Alex and I are designing for the Heartland Region, which spans Massachusetts, Nevada, and Oregon. Because this region contains the most diverse terrain and climate of any US region, we struggled to … Continue reading


Variety | Modularity

After we defined all the regions we are going to focus on, our group were separated into 6 smaller groups. Each of them are working on a specific design for a community model in each region. The purpose of this is not only to explore design possibilities for every different regions, but also to help … Continue reading

Regional Zone Camparison

Identifying Regions

            Previous entries have done well in discussing how the previous Crop Stop 1.0 is being used as a tool to build upon for a new iteration being referred to as Crop Stop 2.0. One goal for the new iteration is to consider how the structure can assist farmers in … Continue reading


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