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Southern Architecture: Middleton Place Inn

Recently I was talking to a fellow graduate student and friend that still goes to school in New York. We were discussing the project and when we were talking about the wood choice, he seemed skeptical of cypress. Being from the north as well, I understood is apprehension, because cypress is not used or readily … Continue reading


Saturday Night’s Alright

But this morning sure wasn’t. Chris, Nick, Professor Pastre and I had planned to start the day with putting up the first wall of metal. However, after our first attempt at application we found many issues with the way the wall had been built. Furring strips were not placed correctly, trim boards did not fit flush … Continue reading


The Craft of Looking Good

We are now getting to the phase of the project where the amount of time vs. work done seems to be slowing down. However, this is only how it seems, where in actuality, we are being much more focused on the detail and craftsmanship of the pieces we are applying to the project. When framing … Continue reading

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A Couple of Photos…

Here are a couple of photos from the work we got done today:

Nicolas Caro holds up a sample of the metal sheeting; getting a better look at how the exterior is going to turn out.

Nickel on a string

Do you find yourself dropping your nickels?  We did, and so we came up with this really ingenious idea.  By drilling a hole in the nickel and tying it to a string so that you can fasten it to your belt.  Silly?  I think not. So after another long day of work, we were able to … Continue reading

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Soffit up, Roof almost on

The soffit on the roof is all up and ready to go. The way that the boards run the entire length of the structure and run out from the walls on either end really help to create a separate plane for the roof. This was a detail that was suggested by Marlon Blackwell when he … Continue reading

Photo by Jamie Russell

Git ‘Er Done

  With about ten days left, before our final review, we’ve really started to kick things into high gear. We’re now beginning to see the full scope of our project and what it’s going to take to finish the CropStop. Over the past week, we’ve been applying extra structural supports, weather proofing materials, and we’re now staining … Continue reading

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Soffit Up Some Things

Over the weekend Studio V made a lot of strides forward in the project. It started with getting all of the cypress wood, metal dip edge on the roof, and treated 2×4 for the furring strips. The roof was papered on Thursday and furring strips were being applied on Friday. Over the weekend much time … Continue reading


Thumbs up!

Thursday, Charleston County Buildings Inspector Director Carl Simmons came by the shop to inspect studio v’s crop stop kitchen. Unfortunately, none of us could be there because we all had class, but professor Pastre reported to us afterwards that Mr. Simmons gave us a thumbs up on all of our framing and the go ahead … Continue reading


CropStop update

The students of Studio V, with a LOT of help and guidance from Professor Pastre I must say, have been keeping busy on the build for over a month now.  The build has been running pretty smoothly as of late, with much progress made through the weekend and up to today.  We have the whole … Continue reading


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