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Radar Chart


There is that one house down the street.  You know – the one that you drive by every morning, and think “what the heck happened there?” or “What were they thinking?!” The truth is, we all have opinions on what is good design, or bad design.  Even if you’re not a designer, you observe things every … Continue reading

I Don’t Believe We’ve Met

After all these weeks it seems as though the site needs a proper introduction. Located just outside the downtown core of Greeneville, SC, the site is situated in a dense urban environment. Bolt St. and Trotter St frame boundaries of the site. In the map bellow you can explore the area a bit and get … Continue reading


What the Other Half Did

This past weekend was apparently prime travel time for a good chunk of the CACC. Both Studio U and Studio V professors were off conferencing in Nova Scotia. Two members of Studio V attended two different weddings. (Oh Fall, when love and allergies are in the air!) And three members of the studio, myself included, headed … Continue reading

photo 2

What the Deck!?

Good afternoon and happy Solid Orange Friday friends of Studio V! As we finish sewing up the last details of the ole Crop Stop mock-up, myself and the rest of the skeleton crew steering this operation out here on the front have found ourselves smack in the middle of a great lesson to be gleaned … Continue reading

Mock-up nearing completion

Home Alone!

The cats are away, as the proverb goes… Tigers in this case.

Bug Spray And Weeds

This weekend, Studio V began its first construction mock and building assembly to figure out design details and construction methods. We needed to test out all the kinks in the design and practice putting materials together in order to improve efficiency before we go to Greenville and build our final structure. For our mock assembly, … Continue reading

color samples

Branding and packaging

Crop stop studio’s work is to deliver a successful architecture piece and model, a hard format of crop stop project to the community. But how community would know what crop stop soft value and concept are? Thus we need something to package it, broadcast it and finally deliver it, which is what our mission is in another course … Continue reading

Developing Details

While the studio is being temporarily split into two groups to focus on both the crop stop and the solar decathlon cabinetry, both groups are working on finding solutions to detailing.  Working through details can be a daunting task when looking through the lens of firmness, commodity and delight.  There are a multitude of possibilities in … Continue reading


Box It Up

Innovation isn’t necessarily in being cutting edge in technology or ideas. Box turtle feels he knew a better use for these rims True, that fancy new solar panel or smart wall membrane can have a heavy affect on building performance, but not every project has the budget for high level products.  In our Solar Decathlon … Continue reading



Have you ever looked at a word long enough to realize how weird it is? Lately that word for me has been scale. a S – C – A – L – E a Sometimes we take for granted the meaning of our words.  Upon a second glance, not only is scale a funny looking … Continue reading


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