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Cropstop Showcase

The race to finish the Construction set is almost over, and all of our hard work will have paid off. The Construction Documents have been redlined for the last time! Finishing touches are being made to the drawings, and they are being corrected at this very moment. The Construction set will be sent out any … Continue reading


Team Work!

As you know, we have been hard at work on our construction document set for Crop Stop 2 that will hopefully be sent to the engineer by tomorrow.  Through this trial and error process, we have definitely learned a tremendous amount.  Everyone in Studio V this semester is in undergrad, and none of us have … Continue reading

Construction Documents

Finally we got redlines from professor Pastre. It looks like we are almost done with the construction documents. After all the feedback we have received, now we are ready to make the final changes on our documents and have them ready for approval. We have worked really hard to have the documents complete and we … Continue reading

More Redlines

After our last meeting Friday we thought we were going to have the construction documents ready to turn in by the end of class Monday, however, we needed a little more time. Once we fixed the redlines we received on Friday, we realized there is still work to be done before we turn them into … Continue reading


The Final Countdown..

This weekend was a busy weekend! We were all working on the redlines received on friday to complete them by today so that we could turn them into the engineer. We had thought that after redlining we would only have a few minor changes to make, we were wrong. We started out making a template … Continue reading



The definition of redlining when it comes to a document is ” a process by which changes are identified between two versions of the same document for the purposes of document editing and review”.  There is another definition about redlining an automobile, and that is when a person drives at or above the cars maximum rpm.  Both of … Continue reading


Meeting with Pella & Details for Windows

This week we have been working on creating details for the sections of the roof, widows and doors. We were fortunate to be able to meet with Pella representative to discuss possible window options for Crop Stop 2. At Pella, we looked at different types of windows ranging from wood, fiberglass to vinyl. They offered … Continue reading

SketchUp: Its Like a Puzzel

As the deadline for our construction documents quickly approaches for today we had to quickly make another 3D SketchUp model for the CropStop. But first let me say this- SketchUp works like a 3D puzzle. Sounds simple. Well it’s not. Our most recent experience with SketchUp was kind of like when you’re almost done with a … Continue reading

Lets Go Racing!!

It seems fitting that exactly one day after the 2015 Daytona 500, the studio V group is racing against the clock to finish Crop Stop 2 construction documentation. By the end of the week, the group will have to finish up CD’s review and redline them, as well as make corrections and send them out … Continue reading

Crop Stop 1 vs. Crop Stop 2 vs. Crop Stop 3,4,5…

As you’ve been able read about the progress we have made in furthering the design of Crop Stop 2 and the choices we are making for materials, we are having to do a little bit of a juggling act.  Our studio has some great ideas for exterior cladding, the roofing system, and other elements of the … Continue reading


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