We Made It!

Yesterday evening around 5:45, we arrived to Clemson for our weekend of helping build the Solar D project. At 6:00 everyone met at Rick’s Pizza Pub in Pendleton. At dinner, we got to meet with the rest of the Indigo Pine team. We also went over the initial itinerary for tomorrow and the rest of … Continue reading


Were going up (to Clemson)! On a Wednesday…

Spring Break was just a few days ago, yet we are already moving at full speed in studio V. On Monday we quickly reviewed the engineers cad documents. We are also working on documenting all of our work for the CACC. This is something that every student here at the CACC does at some point, … Continue reading


Clemson, here we come!

We are making sure everything in Charleston is good to go before we head to Clemson for five days to help with the Solar Decathlon build.  Before we head out of town, we are correcting the construction documents with the comments from the engineer, as well as creating cut files for the pieces that need … Continue reading

Crop Stop 2

Friday before spring break we analyzed our digital model for crop stop 2 and looked for missing pieces on site. We created an inventory that contains pieces we already have at the shop, and made a note of the new pieces needed. During spring break we have received some redlines and feedback from the engineer, so … Continue reading

Spring Break

After multiple preliminary red lines from our professors and others around the project, we have finally got our construction documents to level that we need to send them to the engineer. Now that they have been sent off, we will wait on the engineer to approve or deny the proposal and make the necessary changes … Continue reading


Preparations, Finishing Touches and Meeting with the Farmers

This week we were preparing to meet the future user of the constructed Crop Stop 1 project. The week of preparations, we were adding finishing touches to the interior of the Crop Stop Kitchen, including completing the base board, and positioning the appliances. As handout for the people, we assembled booklets explaining the farm-to-kitchen initiative, … Continue reading


Are we there yet?

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working on construction documents to send to the engineer.  We’re getting our first taste of an actual document set that has to be approved before construction can start, and overall I think this is an awesome experience and opportunity that we may not have again in … Continue reading


The Grand Reveal

On Friday we finally got to reveal our completed Crop Stop 1 to the local farmers. Early on Friday morning we made the finishing touches on Crop Stop 1 in preparation of the farmers arrival. We cleaned the work area up- we picked our tools up, cleaned the inside of the Crop Stop 1, overall we … Continue reading

Cropstop Showcase

The race to finish the Construction set is almost over, and all of our hard work will have paid off. The Construction Documents have been redlined for the last time! Finishing touches are being made to the drawings, and they are being corrected at this very moment. The Construction set will be sent out any … Continue reading


Team Work!

As you know, we have been hard at work on our construction document set for Crop Stop 2 that will hopefully be sent to the engineer by tomorrow.  Through this trial and error process, we have definitely learned a tremendous amount.  Everyone in Studio V this semester is in undergrad, and none of us have … Continue reading


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