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Planting the Seeds for Reach

“Southern Roots + Global Reach”: this, the most recent mantra of the Clemson School of Architecture is born out of recognition of the influence wrought by students, faculty, and alumni of the program that have gone on to affect great change and progress worldwide within our chosen field and beyond, over the past hundred years … Continue reading


Common Sense

What seems like common sense is not always so common. A hundred years ago, no one would have ever thought that it would be easier to get food from the other side of the country, let alone world, than something grown just down the road. No one would have thought that feeding local school children local food … Continue reading



Small buildings have always had a particular appeal. Micro works of architecture inspire an enduring charm that exceeds their function, even if that function is to be a pleasing decoration in the landscape. There are a variety of reasons for our infatuation with little forms. The miniaturization of architecture reduces it to a human scale … Continue reading


The Devil’s in the Details

It’s really satisfying to see the Crop Stop coming together. We have all put in a lot of time to make sure the Crop Stop is of the highest quality, and it is really evident no matter where you observe it from. I hate to have to toot our own horns, but when you get … Continue reading

Photo by Jamie Russell

Day and Night

The CropStop’s farm style character is starting to become evident, now that the metal siding, the roof, and the window panels can finally be seen together. The dogtrot and screen porch are also starting to take shape with most of the walls and ceiling boards in place. Although the deck boards for the dogtrot and screen … Continue reading

Blog Post 10-All Hands on Deck-Featured Image

All Hands On Deck.

While the last week of classes continue and Studio V’s semester review is this Friday, April 25th, the Crop Stop is quickly coming together. Currently we have finished applying the metal exterior siding to the two end wall, half of the metal roofing is also up, and the north wall is being started. As a … Continue reading


No Rest for the Weary

So much for that day of rest. Studio V celebrated Easter Sunday in style by pulling another 12 hour work day. With so much to be done before this coming Friday, our time for relaxation and reflection will have to wait. We started the day staining the jamb pieces Professor Pastre had made the night … Continue reading


Southern Architecture: Middleton Place Inn

Recently I was talking to a fellow graduate student and friend that still goes to school in New York. We were discussing the project and when we were talking about the wood choice, he seemed skeptical of cypress. Being from the north as well, I understood is apprehension, because cypress is not used or readily … Continue reading


Saturday Night’s Alright

But this morning sure wasn’t. Chris, Nick, Professor Pastre and I had planned to start the day with putting up the first wall of metal. However, after our first attempt at application we found many issues with the way the wall had been built. Furring strips were not placed correctly, trim boards did not fit flush … Continue reading


The Craft of Looking Good

We are now getting to the phase of the project where the amount of time vs. work done seems to be slowing down. However, this is only how it seems, where in actuality, we are being much more focused on the detail and craftsmanship of the pieces we are applying to the project. When framing … Continue reading


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