Let the Charrettes Continue!

During our last studio session, the team sat down and defined some program elements that we may want to consider in the design of the garden structure at Edith L. Frierson Elementary. Understanding the school's needs and what the structure will be used for is vital in creating a functional space for all to use. [...]

Phase 2: The Design

Good morning, Today begins the first day of phase 2 on the Frierson Elementary Pavilion. We’ve spent the last week and a half in research mode focusing on site analysis, demographics, the history of Montessori education, and precedent studies. All of which are pertinent to creating an outdoor classroom that fits the needs of the [...]

Slicin’ n Dicin’

Monday’s studio time was dedicated to assembling and finalizing our boards for Wednesday’s presentation at Frierson Elementary. This presentation will be an opportunity for the team to show Frierson all of the research and precedent studies we have done over the past couple of weeks. We want to be able to show and prove that [...]

Giving the Handrails a Facelift

Our second project for "Spring Cleaning" is at Forrest Park where we tackled some small repairs on the bridge. The bridge was completed in the Fall of 2020 that utilized tensegrity as an architectural form for the basis of the bridge. Using steel rods as cables, the bridge works in tension to connect the Bikeway [...]

Meet the Team!

Now that “Spring Cleaning” is underway and nearing completion, we will soon jump into research and designing the next Community Build Project. Before we get too deep into the semester, let’s take a moment to meet the team! Gauge Bethea Where are you from: Sumter, SC Year Level: MARCH II Hobbies: Taking long drives, kayaking, [...]

So Much to be Thankful for…

We are returning today from a much needed Thanksgiving break, and we wanted to share what we are thankful for. We are thankful for our families, our friends, and getting to spend time with them over the break. We are thankful for our Clemson family including faculty, professors, mentors, and peers. We are thankful for [...]

Breaking Ground

Yesterday the City of Charleston helped us start the construction process by digging out our foundation. Today we will be shaping the dirt for our concrete pad and then starting to place form work and a vapor barrier to prepare for our first concrete pour next Friday! We will also have our shop drawings complete [...]

Preparing for Pre-Fabrication

As we begin to wrap up our first draft of construction documents, it is time that we start thinking critically about how we are going to physically build the different pieces that make up our project. While one group heads out to the site to stake out the building footprint, the other groups are hard [...]

Rain Rain Rain Garden

Today we are meeting with Kim Morganello to discuss a rain garden that was installed a few weeks ago in Enston Homes. Kim Morganello is a Water Resource Associate for Clemson Extension based in Charleston. We are proposing a rain garden in our design and Kim Morganello will help give us a greater understanding of [...]

Back To It

After much needed rest from intensive research and diagrams, putting our presentation boards together, and model making, we are coming back with fresh ideas after our presentation with the city and the Charleston Park Conservancy. Not only did we receive feedback on the big picture items (see previous post), but we also received feedback on [...]